1 june 2014 Dodebum’s EP 'Sunshinepeople and the Mud' was released.
Composed, performed, produced and mixed by Dodebum
Doublebass on ‘Sunshinepeople and the Mud’ by Johan Segerberg
Mastered by Troels Bech
Artwork and videographics by Sune Petersen
Label: PG Sounds

Please watch the videos in HD for the intended effect.


17 march 2014 In Atlas released the single ‘Creatures’. Additional edits and mastering by Dodebum.

6 february 2014 at Jyderup Højskole. Dodebum played an improvised set at the Elektronisk Torsdag arrangement, and shared stage with Gasoline Monk, Jakob Kadin, Renekim and DJ Hvad.

3 january 2014 Vor Frue Kirke, Copenhagen. Dodebum and Daniel Lindberg played electronic improvisations in the vast space of Vor Frue Kirke. There was some new instruments in this set-up. Dodebums first ever home-made Lemur-patch on the iPad was controlling clips and parametres in the computer.  
Dodebum’s first ever Lemur-patch on the iPad.

11 december 2013 Cementen, Stavanger, Norway. Dodebum, Kresten Osgood (drums) and Maria Laurette Friis (voice, synth) played a concert with improvised music in a double-bill also featuring norwegian postrock improvisors Phantomschmertz.
Maria Laurette Friis outside Cementen in Stavanger.

Recorded by Magdalen Plewa and Szymon Piotrowski.

Dodebum’s setup in Stavanger.

10 december 2013 Landmark, Bergen Kunsthall, Norway. Dodebum, Kresten Osgood (drums) and Maria Laurette Friis (voice, synth) played a set with improvised music in a double-bill also featuring norwegian 8-bit/thrashmetal band Next Life.

Maria Laurette Friis, Kresten Osgood and Dodebum.

18 november 2013 Tårnet, Copenhagen. Dodebum played sub-bass with Audionauts to a livestream of the launch of NASA’s spacerocket ‘Maven’. Read more about Audionauts and the idea of playing to scientific rocket launchs HERE.

31 october 2013 Dodebum’s remix of Kirstine Stubbe Teglbjærg's song “Lysvæld og sol” is released.

The remix is part of the EP ‘Hamskifte Remixes’, with works by Sekuoia, Aebeloe, NANOME, tatsuki* and Low Pressure.

31 october 2013 at Wundergrund Festival, Copenhagen Jazzhouse. Dodebum played an improvised trioconcert with Mat Maneri (US) on viola and Kresten Osgood on drums.

1 september 2013 Dodebum collaborated with Kirstine Stubbe Teglbjærg on her remake of danish legend Lars H.U.G’s song “Hvor Går Vi Hen” from 1987, the new version being part of magazine GAFFA's 30 year anniversary celebrations.

Read a great interview (in danish) with Kirstine HERE.

25 august 2013 at Fanø Free Folk Festival, trio with drummer Kresten Osgood and writer/performance poet Lars Skinnebach.

12 august 2013 Dodebum took part in impronoise collective Audionauts performance to a motion picture of a spacerocket launch, and an astronaut spacewalk, in the inflatable bubble Aeropolis in Copenhagen.

8 august 2013 soloconcert in the big, smokey, inflatable bubble Aeropolis in Copenhagen.

13 july 2013 duoconcert with Maria Laurette Friis (voice, electronics) at Huset, Copenhagen Jazzfestival.

12 july 2013 concert with Anders Filipsen on synthesizers and keyboards at ILK 5e during Copenhagen Jazzfestival.





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